What About Hermione & George?

First things first, Sheila (aka, The Hater of Cats) loves Hermione and George (Dave’s two cats). She would like it known that this does not mean that she now likes all cats but that she likes Hermione and George – because they are unlike most cats.

Shh...Don't tell anyone, Sheila likes Hermione and George!

Shh…Don’t tell anyone, Sheila likes Hermione and George!

Now, what about those cats? If Dave and Sheila are about to embark on this grand adventure, what is to be done with Hermione and George? Will they accompany us on our travels? Or will we find them new homes? This has been and is a difficult question.

The first thing we did was research whether taking cats was even an option. Yes, others do take cats on their travels – and we received some very helpful information on controlling litter odor in such small spaces. We also learned that most campgrounds don’t have policies against bringing cats along. This meant that the cats accompanying us would not be so much of an obstacle for us…but what about for them? Would they be happy journeying with us?

We learned that it is generally considered dangerous and unwise to let the cats roam free in the travel trailer while moving from place to place. Standard practice appears to be to put them into a crate – and not just any create – a crate that is secured to a single location so it doesn’t bounce around.

This leaves us in a difficult dilemma. The cats are pretty relaxed – so they’d probably adjust well to traveling (though not all cats do), but they aren’t going to enjoy being cooped up in a crate for extended periods of time AND we are a little concerned about whether they will receive the attention they deserve. We can’t rightly be interacting with them while driving and we will be out and about usually doing things away from the cats.

So what should we do? Hermione has been with Dave for around eight years – ever since she was rescued off the side of the road as a tiny and starving kitten. George has been with Dave for perhaps three years now – also coming as an abandoned and sick kitten. We are loathe to part with them, but we also want them (and us) to have the best possible lives going forward.

We still aren’t sure what to do, so we decided to ask you – and to see if there is anyone out there who needs two awesome cats and would take terrific care of them. Is that you? We will make you sign a contract with your blood before we’d think about handing them off to you – but they are worth it!

Hermione and George sleeping together. Note that George found it necessary to sleep half hanging from the couch with one paw.

Hermione and George sleeping together. Note that George found it necessary to sleep half hanging from the couch with one paw.


Hermione was found on the side of the road as a tiny kitten. Her hair was a sickly brown and she had duct tape stuck to her small frame. When Dave first held her he felt great fear. She was so small and so skinny that he worried his hands would crush her even with the gentlest of grasps.

She was a perfect cat from the get-go and with lots of love (and food) she grew into the beautiful cat she is now. Who would have guessed this mangy little castaway would become such a beautiful and loving cat?

As fate would have it, Dave acquired additional cats (Barclay and Piper) and Hermione readily took on the role of mother. She regularly harassed Dave to provide more food and drink for them – and after he did so would stand watching the other cats eat, ensuring they got all they needed before taking her turn.

She could regularly be found holding and cleaning the other cats…and she has always been well-behaved – except for her occasional attempts at prison breaks (aka, getting outside). The older she has gotten the less frequent these have become and the less she has tried to remain outdoors (it seems to be more of a, “Ha, see Dave, I can still outsmart you” statement).

She loves to be held, won’t go to the bathroom outside of her litter box (she accidentally has been shut up once or twice away from her litter box – e.g. when she was hanging out in a closet – and while making an immediate beeline for the litter box would never deign to defecate outside of it, no matter the provocation), and doesn’t bite (well, she play-bites, but this doesn’t break the skin – and she only does this if you are the active aggressor in play).

She is intelligent and regal – she has the character of a princess and acts like one. She is now eight years old and has remained throughout her lifetime healthy as a horse.


George, ohhh, George. He is a wonderful buddy, but as a representative of the male gender’s intelligence he fails utterly. Yes, that is a polite way of saying that he has no brain (Sheila insists that this may actually make him a good representative of the male gender).

George was left along with a number of other kittens and a bag of cat food on a stone wall outside Dave’s dad’s house in upstate New York. George was the smallest and sickest of the bunch, his eyes sealed shut with goobers. Dave has a thing for small and weak animals and so, of course, chose to adopt George.

George was a trial as a kitten. He was so sickly. Cleaning the goobers out of his eyes was a regular challenge. His ears were goopy and worst of all he had the runs – horribly. Compound that with the fact that Piper, up until then the youngest, did not take kindly to being unseated from her place as the youngest and George was frequently leaving large, smelly messes for Dave on the kitchen floor (thankfully, it was the kitchen floor). This got so bad Dave almost gave up several times…but in the end he persevered and with medication, food, and love George became a healthy little guy.

And yes, I do mean little. He never did grow as large as the other cats (all females). This, however, did not deter him from regularly play attacking them (and getting beaten repeatedly by his older sisters).

With his growing health and energy did not come a commensurate increase in intelligence. While Hermione is intelligent and like a princess, George is loving to a fault and dumb as a bag of rocks.

George loves to spend time with people. If you will allow him he’ll constantly sit or sleep with you. Strangely enough, he has never learned to enjoy being held – going into “freak out” mode whenever someone tries to pick him up. For this reason Dave has learned to herd him like a sheep, waving his hands and gently pushing him in the direction he desires George to go.

George is a riot. He is a load of laughs. He believes that any small object not on the floor (e.g. keys on the table) must be knocked to the floor. Once knocked there he has no more use for it – but if placed back on the table he will insist on again placing this small object in its proper place – on the floor.

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  1. Katie C.

    I have always loved Hermione, but a) I live a hundred miles away, and b) my lease says ABSOLUTELY NO CATS. 🙁 Blessings finding good homes for these sweet little friends!

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