A Brand New Journey


We are Dave and Sheila Mackey and we are about to embark on an adventure of undetermined length and destination – and we hope you’ll join us on our journey through this blog. We’ll be posting regular updates (including photos!) sharing with you the stories of our adventures.


For those who have known us for a while, you may be wondering when we intend on getting married…Can you guess the answer from the headline above? 🙂

We eloped and were married by Judge Charles Baum in Perkasie (PA) on November 20th at 2:30 pm. Yes, it was just the three of us.

The Nickson family threw us a small party to celebrate our marriage yesterday.

The Nickson family threw us a small party to celebrate our marriage.


Initially Dave intended to travel via bicycle and live in a tent – but then he met Sheila and they fell in love. Sheila assured him she would happily travel with him – but that she required four walls and a roof…and Dave, liking her *that* much, enthusiastically acquiesced…and so a bicycle and a tent has become a truck and a travel trailer.


The inspiration comes from Louis L’Amour, the famous Western author, whose autobiography, Education of a Wandering Man sparked an undying wanderlust in Dave’s heart. L’Amour demonstrated the many ways in which working and traveling (being a hobo) could provide an education all its own.

We intend to spend the next several years traveling – exploring natural and man-made wonders, learning about the world, and learning from those we encounter along the way.


We intend to start in the United States, heading south from Pennsylvania to a warmer climate, then journeying west, as summer approaches we’ll head back north and then east – and perhaps repeat this general pattern a time or two.

In each state we plan to select a central location (or if the state is large, perhaps two or three) where we will “set up camp” (leave the travel trailer) and make day trips out to the various attractions.

One of our biggest goals doesn’t revolve so much around where we go as the interactions we have. We have every intention of visiting lots of places – Sheila is a particularly big fan of aquariums, Dave of technology, and both of us enjoy libraries, museums, and natural attractions (like Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park in Nevada).

We also want to visit those areas which aren’t central tourist attractions, to find the mom and pop stores and restaurants that hold that special charm, but are under appreciated and relatively unknown (and we hope to share them with you!).

After we complete our travels of the United States – or perhaps at some juncture during these travels – we would like to visit other countries. Israel is at the top of the list, as we both would love to experience the geographical and historical context of the Scriptures.

Help Us!

Where have you been that you think we should visit? Do you know of a great campground? A national park? Museum? Church? Intentional living community? Is there an event you think we should participate in (we’d like to go to the Hobo Convention held annually in Iowa)? What small stores or restaurants are you aware of that we might enjoy? Please share!

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